By   February 20, 2018

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25 Comments on “The Vice-Presidential Debate: Tim Kaine And Mike Pence (Full Debate) | NBC News

  1. John Kennedy

    All illusion with the impression that the U.S. citizens really have a
    choice. Sadly, Americans know more about football than the reality of their
    corrupt and unaccountable US Government.

  2. R Downin

    I want to know what they intend to do about clowns running amok

  3. Sarah

    Where do they get these moderators from? Are they all clones or robots?

  4. Zircon 308

    Kaine really can’t go 10 whole seconds without interrupting. Goodness

  5. Tyler Stein

    Am I the only one that noticed the psycho looks Kaine was constantly giving
    the moderator? It was either the moderators cue to shut Pence up, interrupt
    him or he wanted to talk. He did it CONSTANTLY! Kaine looked like he was on
    the verge of having a fit the entire debate. The man seriously needed to
    calm down, I know the stakes are high, but he didn’t inspire anyone to his
    side last night.

  6. Val Garrow

    Knock knock! Who is there? Interrupting Cow… interrupting comooooooooo

  7. Rocket Man

    I love how nearly every statement Kaine made was a blatant lie. It’s like
    Hillary on steroids.

  8. LibertyOrDeath

    This would have been good if that guy could have kept his mouth shut and
    shown Mr. Pence some respect. Lies Lies Lies is all we hear from the

  9. swiss moneybag

    i believe if trump listens to his cabinet if elected, we could have a solid

  10. Chromozome1205

    Only one of these candidates has an American flag pin. I know who I am
    voting for.


    Tim Kaine is creepy, wonder how long he practiced acting like a human.

  12. soren pedersen

    This is absolutely one sided. Pence didnt get any time to speak. Tim just
    talked over him the entire time

  13. 2 Syndras 1 Cup

    Mike pence is godlike, his face (the most time) is like “bitch please xD”

  14. Poor Man's Preparing

    Pence is wearing an america flag pin, whats Kaine wearing? It look like
    Japan’s flag or something lol

  15. Hot Rods

    pence all the way i new mike pence would win the Debate before they had it
    the other night .

  16. Panemon

    I love how Democrats, and Liberals always claim being the champions of the
    non-white voters, considering Hillary is a supporter of planned parenthood,
    and has given praise to Margret Sanger, who was into eugenics; and the fact
    that a former KKK leader Senator Robert Byrd (former KKK grand wizard) was
    one of her mentors.

    Democrats fought to keep slavery legal, and to keep Jim Crow in the South.
    They supported the KKK, They spent nearly 7 years fighting to keep
    Segregation in the South, from 1957 to 1964; legislation started by
    Eisenhower – a Republican, and ended with a Republican majority vote. She
    and Maobama just use Socialist welfare programs to make blacks forget about
    Democrats racist history.

    Liberals expect everyone to believe them, when they try to take credit for
    history that they do not own. So they use Republicans failure to expand
    Liberal social welfare programs to make the case that this is a motivation
    of racial bias, suggesting with their lies that they intend on hurting only
    the black Community, when it was LBJ programs that destroyed the black

    Recently Obama just praised how in 50 years he predicts America will not be
    a majority white country. Just imagine if a Republican said that about
    blacks. The Democratic party will always be America’s oldest hategroup.

  17. MisterSinister

    *”Ima let you finish, Pence, Ima let you finish… but first, I want to say
    Hillary is the best in the world at destroying emails!”*

  18. Maurice The Guitar Hero

    Pence should’ve started to attack Kaine about Hillary’s emails, Benghazi,
    etc etc. Same with Trump next debate.

    Pence won, Kaine seemed too interruptive and rude, plus all he did was
    repeat edited fake quotations and taxes.

    Pence was calm and seemed to not be disturbed while Kaine seemed triggered.

  19. Sam Oaks

    HIllary and Kaine lie so much. Trump and Pence simply speak the truth.

  20. Richard Brice

    Love Vice President Mike Pence what a great choice President Donald
    J.Trump made.

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